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Consulting and integration of marketing automation solutions

Looking to align your sales & marketing teams to boost your long-term performance? If so, then a marketing automation project is a must. When properly managed and configured, these solutions allow you to pilot the customer journey and automatically generate highly personalized campaigns, the success of which you can monitor. Marketing automation projects are perfect for companies whose growth is plateauing or who are overwhelmed by time-consuming processes that ultimately carry little value (CSV downloads, report creation, ROI calculations, etc.).

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hubspot webdesign

Website creation and design - HubSpot web design expert

For most companies, an effective online presence with a lead generation website is a must. With our REBEL® approach, your website is placed at the heart of your digital strategy and backed by structural foundations such as CRM or campaign management and analytics tools.

Inbound marketing dedicated to your growth

Inbound marketing is ideal if your business requires evangelism, and your prospects consume information on the Internet. By using levers such as SEO, content production, and lead nurturing, this approach seeks to transform your website visitors into prospects and loyal customers. In addition to improving your reputation and brand image, this method will make you visible to prospects during the search phase, and less dependent on traditional paid acquisition tools (Google Ads and Social Ads).

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crm integration

CRM integration & sales enablement

A CRM system can do wonders for the structure of a company. When implemented properly, this tool ensures your commercial success by providing you with access to all kinds of individual or collective performance indicators, as well as to critical information that facilitates business forecasting and contributes to your continual improvement process. CRM is also the key to accessing data on customers and prospects, making it a precious asset for companies looking to carry out targeted and personalized sales & marketing initiatives. Provided, of course, that the data on standard or custom objects is well organized, and your sales reps are adept at using it!

Customer Service Management

To strengthen your growth, your successful sales strategy should always be combined with a strong customer success approach. Because a loyal customer is less volatile and buys more than the other, it has become essential to install an efficient customer service management system. This software will help you create a long-term relationship with your clients. The customer loyalty solution meets different needs: follow-up on your clients requests, measure their satisfaction, detect potential up-sells and cross-sells, identify brand ambassadors... In a nutshell, these tools are essential to ensure the customer service quality you clients deserve and to engage them in the long run.

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