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If you're on a tight budget and schedule, we can make your entire website from our existing themes and templates.

  • Project management
  • UX/UI design
  • Integration
  • Online launch
*3 weeks project
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If your web project is strategic and the business stakes are high, we can create a "best in class" website by customizing each step in the design process. Your website will be one-of-a-kind and designed for maximum performance (traffic/conversion).

  • Project management
  • SEO
  • UX/UI design and complex animations
  • Integration and specific developments
  • Online launch
  • Training

*6 weeks project

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Our consultants, designers, and full-stack developers can provide personalized support if you have mockups that are ready to be used, or you're in need of a specific development.

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How can I know if Buddy is tailored for my needs?

Markentive, french #1 HubSpot Elite Partner designed the Buddy theme. 40+ experts (Marketing, UX Design, Development) worked on this project, so you're sure you can do anything with it. 

What are the advantages of the Buddy services?

Our Buddy services are perfect if you need help in creating your website out of the theme, or if you need 100% customized pages. Also, we can provide you with the best UX and marketing expertise to conceive a lead-gen machine. 

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